Phone: (+372) 506 4169
The tickets can be bought from Piletimaailm, Piletilevi and from the shop Muusa in National Library, at 2, Tõnismägi Street, Tallinn.

Ticket information in regards to infection prevention

According to the Estonian government’s decision, from August 9th 2021 all event organizers need to make sure that their events are clear from danger of infection.

From this date onwards, VAT Theater plays can be attended by guests who present one of the following documents:

A valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate
A certificate of recovery from COVID-19

If necessary your identity may be asked to be proven!

Theatergoers until the age of 18 don’t need any certificates, only a valid ID (ID-card, student card etc.)

Help and instructions regarding certificate generation can be found here:

Document checking may take more time than usual so we kindly ask you to arrive to your event a bit earlier. The show floor opens 30 minutes before the beginning of the play.

When at VAT we ask you to follow the set rules – disinfect you hands and keep proper distance from other theatergoers when possible.

Additional information: or 5064169



Coming to the theatre, keep your distance with others, wash and disinfect your hands!

We will refund your tickets or find new dates for any production you have tickets to.

VAT Theatre reserves the right to prohibit visitors exhibiting symptoms from entering their halls.

If you wish to visit the cafe during intermissions, we advise that you book your order before the start of the play. This also helps you avoid waiting in a line!

When intermission begins or the play ends, we ask you to leave the hall as dispersedly as possible.

VAT Theatre reserves the right to change seating plans according to the Health Department’s restrictions.

Wearing a mask is required! If need be, masks can also be bought beforehand at our locations.

If you are feeling unwell, please don’t come to the theatre. Let us know at least 3 hours before the beginning of the show and we will do our best to exchange your tickets. In case of questions regarding ticket exchanges, write to


Discounts apply to students, ISIC- and ITIC-card holders, pensioners (except for children`s plays (*)). 50% discount for members of Estonian Theatre Union (except children´s plays and special projects).

*For school groups starting of 10 members,  discount applies (except discounted performances). Free ticket to the teacher or tutor accompanying the group!
For adult-groups of at least 15 members 10% discount of total price (except for discounted performances).

Only one discount can be used at a time.

Please note: latecomers are not admitted.
VAT Theatre’s Hall in Estonian National Library is a small and intimate venue where the aisles and hallway are often used as part of the performance. Therefore it is not possible for the audience to enter during the performance without interrupting the cast and the rest of the audience.

We want to offer our great audience the best possible theatre experience, therefore we have a rule of closing the door at the beginning of the performance, and those arriving late will not see the night’s performance. Generally our performances begin at 18.00. The theatre will not refund tickets that are unused due to the person arriving late. We advise everyone to plan enough time for arriving at the theatre, parking the car, having the theatre tickets checked, and finding their seat.


Group discounts are available for groups of 15 and more.
The reserved tickets should be purchased at least 10 days prior to the performance, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

In case you wish to cancel the reservation, please let us know.

The tickets can be bought from Piletimaailm, Piletilevi and from the shop Muusa in National Library, at 2, Tõnismägi Street, Tallinn.


Vouchers for VAT Theatre performances are available (from VAT Theatre only)!  You can buy the voucher for a specific performance or a general voucher which can be used at any time. Prices depend on the specific ticket prices and the number of tickets. For example: the gift card for 2 persons for  “Alias” costs € 40- (2x €40) . The theatre goer just has to choose a suitable date from the programme and notify us two weeks in advance!




Ticket prices

Toulouse €20/€15
Tallinnville €20/€15
Romeo and Juliet €20 / €15
Judith €20 / €15
Faust €20 / €15
God of mammon €20 / €15
The predator €20 / €15
The parisian woman €20 / €15
Decameron €20 / €15
Three versions of life €20 / €15
Ms Müller must go! €20 / €15
Alias €20 / €15
War junkie €20 / €15
Do fish sleep? €15/ €13
#deleteme €15 / €13
Pal-street boys €15/ €13