VAT Theatre is the oldest independent theatre company in Estonia, it was founded on October 1, 1987. 15 people work there every day, additionally numerous designers, performers, musicians, directors, writers and others. VAT Theatre gives performances on their home stage in National Library Theatre Hall, as well as in other performance venues and cultural institutions.

The performances have taken the company to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Serbia, Slovakia, Japan, Zimbabwe Portugal, and USA. Performances have taken place across the polar circle and on the other side of the equator.

VAT Theatre Forum group operates by the professional company, and is doing work using Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre Method.
VAT Theatre is a member of Estonian Theatre Association, Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions, Estonian Centre of ASSITEJ, Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.