Special award for best stage movement in fairy tale programme “Children’s Thing” (dir. A.Toikka) in the Estonian Theatre Society festival.

National culture award to Merle Karusoo (amongst other works “Children`s risky trip” produced in VAT).

Awards best director, best actress, award for contextual leap in “Banaanikala” international festival for W.Shakespeare`s “Cymbeline” (dir. R. Agur);
Special director`s award to Rein Agur for the work in a small theatre in “Draama” festival, William Shakespeare`s “Cymbeline”.

Children´s jury Grand Prix, adult jury best director´s award in the  international festival “Banaanikala” for W.Shakespeare`s “Henry V” (dir. R.Agur).

W.Shakespeare`s “Henry V” was selected into the programme of “Draama 2001” (10 best Estonian productions of the 2 years);
Awards in the international “Banaanikala”festival: S.Nantsou, T.Lycos “Stones” (dir. A.Toikka) 3rd prize winner of adult jury, best musical design, children`s jury Grand Prix, best production; B.Brecht´s “Flight Over the Ocean” (dir. B.Andersson) – best scene award of the adult jury.

Salme Reek`s award of the Estonian Theatre Association for a comprehensive repertoire;
“Clever – Ants and old devil” (dir. A.Toikka) – best actors’ ensemble award in Komi International theatre festival.

Theatre critics award “For a marvellous flight from Estonia to Russia” in Great Novgorod International theatre festival “King Fairytale” (“Flight Over the Ocean”);
Awards in the international festival “Banaanikala”: “Presents” based on P.Stewart children’s book (dir. M. Kampus) – adult jury: Grand Prix, best stage design, best actress Elgitha Zeno and best actor Janek Sarapson, children´s jury best puppet performance; I. von Zadow “Pompinien” (dir. M. Kampus) – children´s jury: best actress Elgitha Zeno;
Estonian ASSITEJ award to director Mart Kampus for the delicate work for youngest audience in Estonian theatre festival “Draama 2003 (“Presents”).

Award in the international festival “Rainbow” in St. Peterburg -“The Stones” – best performance for the small stage;
National culture prize to Aarne Üksküla for his part  performance “The Servant” (dir. R.Pass).

Award in the international festival “Rainbow” in St. Peterburg – “Kalevipoeg” (dir. M.Zohner) – best performance for the small stage;
Grand Prix for “Kalevipoeg” in Great Novgorod International theatre festival “King Fairytale”;
Award for fantasy ” Pal-Street Boys” (dir. A.Toikka) Theatrefestival “Draama 2005”;
Estonian Theatre Critics’ Union “Good Theatre Award” to Maarika Vaarik – teacher Klamm in “Klamm’s War”;
Awards for “Pal-Street Boys” in international theatre festival Banaanikala: Grand Prix, Best Director (Aare Toikka), Actor’s Awards (Tanel Saar, Margo Teder).

Award “The Best Company” for “Pal-Street Boys” (dir. A. Toikka) in national theatre festival “Raduga” in St.Peterbourg;
Award in Estonian theatre festival “Draamake 2006” to Marika Vaarik (for her role in “Klamm´s War”);
Estonian Theatre Critics Union’s “Good Theatre Award” to Aare Toikka for “Pal-Street Boys”, “Klamm´s War” and “The Real Elvis” and for other creative work in VAT Theatre.

Salme Reek´s award to Aare Toikka for “Little Mermaid”;
VAT Theatre forum group – Austrian Socrates Bureau and European Commission certificate “The E-Quality Label”. VAT Theatre was commended for Gruntvig programme project “Forum theatre in adult education”.

The most integral staging award from the Children´s and Youth Jury for the play “Misanthrope” at the international children and youth theatres festival “NB Festival”.

Estonia Theatre Critics’ Union award of “Good Theatre” to Katariina Lauk.

Salme Reek´s award to Rein Agur for “Paper-Clip Belt”;
Grand Prix for  Katariina Unt and special award for Tanel Ruben (“Nisa”) in international Monotheatre festival.

Estonian Theatre Union award 2011, best female lead – Katariina Unt (Nisa in “Nisa”);
Jury special award to Katariina Unt in “Nisa” – International Theatre festival Monobaltija;
“The Little Cherry” and Audience Award to Lauri Saatpalu in “The Great Moment of Joseph Bieder” – Pärnu international theatre festival Monomaffia.

Estonian Theatre Union award for 2012. Best sound design of a drama production or original score – Kaspar Jancis for original score for VAT Theatre’s production “Faust”;
Estonian Theatre Union award for 2012. Best theatre staff member – Raul Õitspuu.
Nominee of the Salme Reek award: Aare Toikka “Faust” – for blending music, theatre, film and literature into a medium that speaks to the younger generation

Dance production award: Kristjan Rohioja “Electronic City”
Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications’ award for Act of The Year: project “Born Online”, for being an influential and innovative solution to raise awareness for online safety

Best supporting actress award: Katariina Unt – Agnes in “Brand”
Best artist award: Pille Jänes “Brand”, with other supporting parts in different theatres
Best male lead nominee: Ivo Uukkivi for Brand in “Brand”
The Aleksander Kurtna award: Sigrid Tooming and Paul-Eerik Rummo for the translation of Hendrik Ibsen’s drama “Brand”

Best Artist award: Iir Hermeliin “Ekke Moor”
Theatre festival Monomaffia’s Väike Kirss award: Lauri Saatpalu in “How I Ate a Dog”
Mait Agu award (University of Tallinn’s choreography dept.): Mari-Liis Velberg “Carmen’s unpublished letters”
Nominee for the Friend of Education (Ministry of Education and Science): Mari-Liis Velberg

Kristallkingake award: Liisa Saaremäel – Ariel in “Torm”, Dejanira in “Mirandolina”, Neenu Moor and Pille-Riin in “Ekke Moor” (in cooperation with Kuressaare Theatre), in addition to other roles in different theatres
Order of the White Star, class IV from President Kersti Kaljulaid to VAT Teatre’s director, Aare Toikka

Liisa Saaremäel in “Do fish sleep?” – nominated for the Salme Reek award as well as best female lead
Tiiu Talvist – nominated for best administrative and managerial employee award

Elina Reinold’s Anu and Hostess in “God of Mammon” – laureate for best supporting female act
Margo Teder “God of Mammon” – nominee for Best Director
Pille Jänes “God of Mammon” – nominee for Best Artist
Indrek Taalmaa Mogri-Märt in “God of Mammon” – nominee for Best Male Lead
Veiko Tubin “Dekameron” – nominee for Best Original Score
Sander Põllu – nominee for Best Production Preparing award

Piret Krumm’s numerous roles in “Tallinnville” – nominee for Best Supporting Female role