Special award for best stage movement in fairy tale programme “Children’s Thing” (dir. A.Toikka) in the Estonian Theatre Society festival.

National culture award to Merle Karusoo (amongst other works “Children`s risky trip” produced in VAT).

Awards best director, best actress, award for contextual leap in “Banaanikala” international festival for W.Shakespeare`s “Cymbeline” (dir. R. Agur);

Special director`s award to Rein Agur for the work in a small theatre in “Draama” festival, William Shakespeare`s “Cymbeline”.

Children´s jury Grand Prix, adult jury best director´s award in the  international festival “Banaanikala” for W.Shakespeare`s “Henry V” (dir. R.Agur).

W.Shakespeare`s “Henry V” was selected into the programme of “Draama 2001” (10 best Estonian productions of the 2 years);

Awards in the international “Banaanikala”festival: S.Nantsou, T.Lycos “Stones” (dir. A.Toikka) 3rd prize winner of adult jury, best musical design, children`s jury Grand Prix, best production; B.Brecht´s “Flight Over the Ocean” (dir. B.Andersson) – best scene award of the adult jury.

Salme Reek`s award of the Estonian Theatre Association for a comprehensive repertoire;

“Clever – Ants and old devil” (dir. A.Toikka) – best actors’ ensemble award in Komi International theatre festival.

Theatre critics award “For a marvellous flight from Estonia to Russia” in Great Novgorod International theatre festival “King Fairytale” (“Flight Over the Ocean”);

Awards in the international festival “Banaanikala”: “Presents” based on P.Stewart children’s book (dir. M. Kampus) – adult jury: Grand Prix, best stage design, best actress Elgitha Zeno and best actor Janek Sarapson, children´s jury best puppet performance; I. von Zadow “Pompinien” (dir. M. Kampus) – children´s jury: best actress Elgitha Zeno;

Estonian ASSITEJ award to director Mart Kampus for the delicate work for youngest audience in Estonian theatre festival “Draama 2003 (“Presents”).

Award in the international festival “Rainbow” in St. Peterburg -“The Stones” – best performance for the small stage;

National culture prize to Aarne Üksküla for his part  performance “The Servant” (dir. R.Pass).

Award in the international festival “Rainbow” in St. Peterburg – “Kalevipoeg” (dir. M.Zohner) – best performance for the small stage;

Grand Prix for “Kalevipoeg” in Great Novgorod International theatre festival “King Fairytale”;

Award for fantasy ” Pal-Street Boys” (dir. A.Toikka) Theatrefestival “Draama 2005”;

Estonian Theatre Critics’ Union “Good Theatre Award” to Maarika Vaarik – teacher Klamm in “Klamm’s War”;

Awards for “Pal-Street Boys” in international theatre festival Banaanikala: Grand Prix, Best Director (Aare Toikka), Actor’s Awards (Tanel Saar, Margo Teder).

Award “The Best Company” for “Pal-Street Boys” (dir. A. Toikka) in national theatre festival “Raduga” in St.Peterbourg;

Award in Estonian theatre festival “Draamake 2006” to Marika Vaarik (for her role in “Klamm´s War”);

Estonian Theatre Critics Union’s “Good Theatre Award” to Aare Toikka for “Pal-Street Boys”, “Klamm´s War” and “The Real Elvis” and for other creative work in VAT Theatre.

Salme Reek´s award to Aare Toikka for “Little Mermaid”;

VAT Theatre forum group – Austrian Socrates Bureau and European Commission certificate “The E-Quality Label”. VAT Theatre was commended for Gruntvig programme project “Forum theatre in adult education”.

The most integral staging award from the Children´s and Youth Jury for the play “Misanthrope” at the international children and youth theatres festival “NB Festival”.

Estonia Theatre Critics’ Union award of “Good Theatre” to Katariina Lauk.

Salme Reek´s award to Rein Agur for “Paper-Clip Belt”;

Grand Prix for  Katariina Unt and special award for Tanel Ruben (“Nisa”) in international Monotheatre festival.

Estonian Theatre Union award 2011, best female lead – Katariina Unt (Nisa in “Nisa”);

Jury special award to Katariina Unt in “Nisa” – International Theatre festival Monobaltija;

“The Little Cherry” and Audience Award to Lauri Saatpalu in “The Great Moment of Joseph Bieder” – Pärnu international theatre festival Monomaffia.

Estonian Theatre Union award for 2012. Best sound design of a drama production or original score – Kaspar Jancis for original score for VAT Theatre’s production “Faust”;

Estonian Theatre Union award for 2012. Best theatre staff member – Raul Õitspuu.