The Stranger

You get reprimanded. You are blamed for the strangest things.
For being emotionless. For not caring about your mom. Or your loved one.
For having no ambition. For hanging out with weirdos.
For being too direct. For being a murderer…
But all you can think of is when will this scorching, hellish heat finally let up!

“The Stranger”, Albert Camus’ legendary tale, celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Even though it was written at a different point in time, in another language and cultural space, it perfectly encapsulates a modern person. A person who is drowning in tensions, intrigue, and a world full of noise, who one day realizes how meaningless all of it is. Society has a hard time agreeing with this point of view, though.

Premiere: September 21st 2022 in the Sakala Black Box
NB! Late admissions will not be admitted and the tickets will not be refunded.

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Sakala 3 teatrimaja Suur saal
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