Who is the Judith of today? A young woman who goes out and does what’s needed? Does what men are too cowardly to do? Saving who in the process? Herself? Her hometown? Or the entirety of humankind, because an idealist like Judith  would accept nothing less? One hundred years after the Judith of Tammsaare is born, Andrus Kivirähk’s Judith has set out to save Petuulia. How is the Judith of today different? Is saving Petuulia even possible? One thing is clear – there’s still a throng of old men hovering around Judith.

Premiere: March 1, 2021 in KUMU Auditorium

Please be aware that live gunshots and theatrical smoke are used in this production.

The play will in one act and the duration of the play is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

NB! Late admissions will not be admitted and the tickets will not be refunded. 

Andrus Kivirähk
Aare Toikka
Pille Jänes
Light designer:
Sander Põllu
Video designer:
Sander Põldsaar
Ardo Ran Varres
Henessi Schmidt
Ingrid Margus
Gert Raudsep
Margo Teder
Tanel Saar
Author of the poster:
Heikki Leis
Siim Vahur
Make up:
Maarja Linsi

Photos and videos