International theatre project Platform Shift Plus: a forum theatre production and an interactive installation – VAT theatre in cooperation with Emergency Exit (England), Theater Junge Generation (Germany) and Théâtre Massalia (France).

What gets the youth of Europe riled up?

On May 17th and 18th, the international theatre project Platform Shift Plus will end, with VAT Theatre having produced “Web Demon”, “Mister Green” and “#deleteme” under the project.

The final step is not just a regular play, but something much more interesting. English, German, French and Estonian artists met with local youth to figure out what the new generation’s definition of protest is. Why should we protest today? How would you even do it? As it turns out, the younger generation today is not inclined to rush to the streets, posters in hand but rather, they look for alternative outlets. The list of things to protest also differs from country to country, ranging from use of plastic to domestic violence.

In Estonia, Henry Griin met up with the Nõmme Culture Center’s troupe (led by Elina Reinold and Margo Teder), to ask how art could lead to change in society. The group made an interesting choice – they want to talk about a hot button issue that has been bothering them, the Estonian education system, through the medium of forum theatre. That’s how the forum theatre play “The National Exam” came to be and will be presented on May 17th and 18th at 6 p.m. in the Theatre Hall of the Estonian National Library.

Forum theatre is part of Augusto Boal’s theatre of the repressed, where actors present a scene that depicts an injust situation, to find a solution with the audience’s help. Read more about forum theatre at:

Entry is free for all, but prior registration is required, which can be done by writing to

On these days the students can take part in interactive installation “Out of the box”, put together by the artists from the four countries, inspired by the ideas they got from the young people they interviewed.