Postcard Project

Postcard Project

VAT Teater participates in the ATZE Musiktheater GmbH initiative, where nearly 80 German schoolchildren send a postcard to theaters around the world with the message “I miss culture, because …”. The theater then sends a response to the child with the message “We miss our audience, because …”. The aim is to highlight the need for communication between audiences and theater makers, especially at this time.

Shortly about the project: One child from a school in Berlin creates and writes a postcard with the message “I miss culture”. Theatre will receive this postcard and answer with a card to that child with the message “we miss our audience”. The goal is to start an analogue correspondence world wide and spread the message that arts and culture is valuable and necessary and that our current pandemic will not change anything about that.

Here is how it happened: Children from schools in Berlin created their own postcard that was adressed to particular theatre. They sent it to ATZE Musiktheater, who sent the postcard together with a little info about the project and an already printed blank postcard, adressed to the child of the school, to each theatre. Once it arrived, theatre filld in the blank postcard with a text and, a drawing, photo or other creative expression and sent it back to ATZE Musiktheater.  Then theatre made sure the postcard got to the child.

To make the project more visible each theatre shares the hoto and info of the postcard on their web page and social media.

Project initiator:

ATZE Musiktheater GmbH

VAT Theatre added photo and text to the card for the Child and post and message is seen here:

Pildid ja Videod