VAT Theatre is the first Estonian theatre to lead a large-scale international theatre project called PLAYON!. The project is a four-year venture that has been created in the framework of the European Commission’s programme Creative Europe. The aim of this project is to defy the challenges of the digital age in a theatre created for young people.

Project PLAYON!’s main focus is innovative storytelling in a theatre that utilises modern technologies.
Digital technologies have become increasingly more common and fundamental in theatres – much like they are part of the daily life of the public,  who are the main targeted audience. The digital world, among what the youths of today have grown up, has presented them with new opportunities in their cultural life as well as their social life. PLAYON! has been created in order to understand, learn, test and practice the technology of participation in the theatre practices (e.g. video game principles, virtual reality and augmented reality) and to connect them with the classic narrative forms of storytelling.
The project will focus on training the creative and technical teams of the theatre. In addition to innovative plays, the teams will create toolboxes that the theatres not participating in the project can use. The Creative Europe programme will fully fund the 4-year project (2019-2023).

Partners of the project PLAYON! are:

  • VAT Theatre (Estonia)
  • Pilot Theatre (Great Britain)

Kolibri Theatre (Hungary)
Theatre O Bando (Portugal)
Theatre Dortmund (Germany)
Vårt Theatre (Norway)
Ludowy Theatre (Poland)
Landestheater Linz (Austria)
Elsinor Theatre (Italy)
The University of York (Great Britain)

Project homepage: