We have been organizing workshops, performances and trainings.
Forum Group has been generating activities and processes according to each different target group requirements.
Each process has been created spesificly based on needs and aims of this concrete group.
We prefer to work with one group for a longer period of time, but it is also possible to invite to create one specific event.
The time for preparing events depends on the conditions and goals, but we recommend contacting as early as possible, at least 2-3 months before the event.
You can read examples of our previous activities and projects that can you provide inspiration.

1. Forum theatre performance: Prior to the performance we do preparatory work and workshops with the target group. The aim is to investigate topics, to raise awareness and to generate dialogue.
Aim: Suitable for opening various thematic events (eg seminars, conferences, trainings, etc.) or for work with smaller groups (i.e. classroom, work collective). The aim is to bring to the audience a forum story related to a specific issue. This is followed by an interactive dialogue, led by Joker (performance facilitator), which reflects the audience’s views on the topic and explores possible solutions. The audience participates as an active thinker and doer.

Target group: Same as the workshop. Suitable for a group of about 15-60 people who are affected by the topic (eg seminar, conference participants, school, class or work group).

Duration: Preparatory work and collection of material, which can take place through workshops, in written form, etc., but requires contact with the target group. Eg 1-3 pre-meetings with the target group, duration approx. 1-2 hours. The performance itself lasts about 1-2 hours, according to the theme, needs, target group. After the event, feedback will be given in writing or in the form of a meeting or other, if necessary.

Example: A forum performance was held as a topic opener at the special youth work conference “Challenges and Opportunities in Work with a Juvenile Offender”, which was attended by specialists from all over Estonia. VAT Theater Forum Group played the forum story with the participants as the theme opener. The story was completed as a result of several weeks of preliminary work, ie workshops, rehearsals, discussions and a survey, through which we collected material, in cooperation with representatives of youth and juvenile commissions.

2. Workshop: Forum group can be invited to work on longer projects, that include both workshops and performances for the same group and wider group.

Aim: The workshop is designed to find, open, investgate and explore certain problems through forum games and techniques. The aim is to provide an experiential experience of the forum theater process. As a result of the workshop, we will find problem stories with the participants and reflect and discuss together what the solutions might be.

Target group: A group of members of any age (min. Approx. 10 people) who needs to research their stories and find solutions. For example, teachers, students, youth workers, the elderly (either separately or with different ages and roles together, depending on the purpose). You can invite, for example, a group that needs to study their own stories or a group that needs to study other stories (eg teachers want to offer to their children or themselves). There may also be, for example, an open workshop in the community (eg in a village, school, etc.) where the topic is called upon and described what will happen and those who think that the topic concerns them and want to deal with it through theatre.

Duration: Depends on the target group. The duration of one workshop, where it is possible to reach forum stories through the process and play them through, is recommended to be at least 2-3 hours (according to the purpose and agreement), but it also depends on the size of the group. If possible, one day in the workshop could be for about 4-6 hours. It makes sense to do one longer or more workshops so that the activity is consistent. We can also be invited to create (eg at school) longer projects (at least 3-5 workshops). After the event, feedback will be given in writing or in the form of a meeting, etc., if necessary.

Example: During Tartu Children’s Shelter project “Using creativity to liberate from tensions!” workshops were held for volunteers working with children in shelters, as well as workshops for children from the juvenile comission. Together, they found stories that touched them and played through the solutions. The activity took place on several weekends, once for about 4-6 hours, including breaks.

3. Forum theatre training/schooling: Method can be a useful tool to anyone looking for opportunities to engage a target group, to empower a group in more creative ways and to solve any problems.

Aim: The aim of the training is to provide an experiential experience of the forum theater process, similar to a workshop, but also to give a more theoretical picture of the background and nature of the forum theater than the oppressed theater method. The content and more precise goal of the training are set together with the inviter. The aim may be to explore how topics in a particular field can be opened up through forum theatre. We have also gathered research material on the effects of forum theatre in the context of school violence prevention (research among young people, social professionals, etc.), which we can integrate into training if we wish. Topics may include: Getting to know the basics of Forum Theater and so-called ABC training; Introducing forum theater as a method of preventing school violence; Forum theater facilitator Jokker’s ethics and starting points. If desired, in addition to the training, you can also ask for the study material “Possibilities of applying Forum Theater on the example of school violence prevention” based on the master’s thesis (M-L Velberg, 2008). Target group: Same as previous. Participants have been young people and specialists working with youth. The forum theater method could be learned by people in any field who are looking for opportunities to get to know themselves better and / or professionally, for example to involve their target group and enforce them more creatively. The prerequisite is the desire to find solutions to certain issues through dialogue and the forum theater method.

Duration: Depends on the target group and the specifics and objectives of the training and is created in agreement with the inviter. The duration of a one-time training could be at least 2-3 hours. In the case of longer trainings, there may also be a whole day planned for the training or several consecutive days (approx. 6-8 hours of activity) either consecutively or after a certain period of time. Example: For example, the participants have been young people and professionals dealing with them, but also specialists in prisons, career counselors, student group leaders, support students, etc. Trainings have also taken place at the university, for example, for students of the VKA hobby guide specialty and for students of the social work specialty of Tallinn University.

4. Educational workshop after or before visiting theatre performance:

As a new option since 2010 – a post-performance process: after certain VAT Theatre performances (i.e. „Paperclip Belt“, „Born online”, „Pal-street Boys”, ” and many more) forum theatre has be used as a tool to workshop and discuss topics with children. This is done in order for them to understand the social background of the production and to look for solutions together. VAT Theatre Forum Group can be invited to schools. The group members will facilitate a workshop or direct a forum theatre production based on the topics from the VAT Theatre production.In season 2020-21 was after “Pal-street boys”, “#kaotamindära” and “Müller peab lahkuma!” performances. It can be guaranteed that each event is unique depending on the participants! This option to participate in workshop after or before visiting performance has been integrated into many performances, and later packages have been created.

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