Pocket Vivarium

What went wrong?

In January of 2023, before VIVARIUM’s premiere, we told people:

“What is a Vivarium?”

A vivarium is a shot at survival. It’s hope for a lengthy, successful symbiosis on this beautiful blue planet. Because unless we, humans, as a species, decide to finally do something, we will lose our homes in a moment. This is not fiction, but an inevitability.

The production is unique for the Estonian theater scene – it combines elements of technological and traveling theater. Arriving at the theater, the guests will open the Vivarium app on their phones, leading them to the Sakala 3 theater house.

A journey filled with surprises will take the audience to different rooms and give them a chance to make decisions and re-evaluate their points of view. The central theme then becomes: how do we notice the information bubble around us and how do we make sure that it doesn’t become too restrictive for us?”

After ten raucous productions, we packed up VIVARIUM, thinking that the long process had come to a well-deserved end. And then the letters, comments and questions started coming in from the audience. People wanted to share their experiences and ideas. They wanted to know what happened in the pods they didn’t make it to. We got the message – VIVARIUM has to be revived in some way, shape or form. And here it is!



POCKET VIVARIUM is not just a chance to re-experience VIVARIUM, but to give your honest review. You will be taking on the role of The Auditor as you pass through POCKET VIVARIUM, deciding whether or not VIVARIUM was a social success or did it uncover something horrid in people? How do people arrive at their conclusions? How easy is it to stand eye-to-eye with the consequences of those actions after everything is said and done?

POCKET VIVARIUM can be experienced in whatever tempo you choose, where and whenever you choose. We recommend using headphones and a computer screen for the best experience.

It should take a person around 45 minutes to experience a POCKET VIVARIUM pod.


POCKET VIVARIUM is available with both Estonian and English subtitles and is FREE for all by clicking on the “ENTER THE POCKET VIVARIUM ” button.

POCKET VIVARIUM was created within the theatre project PLAYON.

VIVARIUM’s creation and reviews can be found here

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Merilin Kirbits (Improteater IMPEERIUM)

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