VAT Workshops from the comfort of your home!

For two springs now, theatre-going has been impossible. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to experience any theatre at all. From April to June, VAT brings its workshops to you online!

If you book a workshop in the next two weeks (from April 7th until the 21st) it will be at an extra discounted price!

Choose from a number of our writing workshops like “VATinaarium”, “Playwriting” or Creative Writing”. Meant for high school classes, “Sexuality and Our Rights” tackles a very current topic – how to protect our own bodies and our privacy. The contents and topics of all our workshops are inspired by our productions but work independently as well.


This year marks our 10th year of educational workshops! This spring brings you a number of digital workshops.

We wish to offer students and teachers the opportunity to tackle subject matters in our workshops, to do something different from regular classwork, providing everyone with new skills and experiences. In these mentally difficult times we also offer a chance to vent your frustrations, thoughts and questions through dialogue, conversation and writing exercises.

The workshops are supported by the AITAN LAPSI program.


Target audience: 12 years old and up

This workshop uses exercises that are based on topics from certain VAT productions.

New with “VATinarium”: first, you receive a script/play of your choosing. You read the play with your class and then we put together a workshop online where the “showrunner” will analyze the themes of the production as well as some basic concepts of theatre – what’s the difference between a production, play and a show, what IS a character and so much more!

A couple of suggestions: For high school classes as well as later stages of middle school, “Dekameron” and “Faust” are very pertinent, in talking about times of disease, behavioural problems, dealing with issues and dillemmas stemming from the state of the world being as it is. For all classes 6 and up “Do Fish Sleep?” deals with themes of mortality and grief, which is also quite current due to the global situation of things. It is a very personal topic, with the workshop existing as a dissector of fears and questions about death itself or about the piece.

Our other productions can be found here.


Target audience: grades 10 and up, incl. teachers

Taking into account what’s going on in the media as well as society in general, along with recent cases of misconduct regarding minors, one of our workshops targets noticing sexual violence and the skill and know-how of learning to handle situations of a risky nature. This workshop can be altered to work with students or teachers. Our workshop leaders will use character, clips and materials from VAT’s “PREDATOR” to shed light on these sensitive topics in addition to focusing on important topics according to classes or groups. There will be a conversation with the class teacher beforehand to figure out what this focus might be.


Target audience: 10 years old and up


Target audience: 14 years old and up


Target audience: teachers

Information about hosting workshops:

Additional: We suggest teachers take a look at a website promoting mental health and wellbeing to find materials for students to work on.

Our youth production “Born Online” is still available for viewing online. It talks about the dangers surrounding online communication as well as general online threats, because we all have a presence online. This production takes a look at problems we might have and how to handle them. Check out the production’s homepage.

More information on educational activities and articles can be found here.