NEW! Dance Workshop for Teachers and Students

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TARGET AUDIENCE: Grades 1 through 12. The workshop is also suitable as a private workshop for teachers. There is no requirement of previous dance experience. Everyone who wishes to express themselves through dance and movement is welcome to participate.
The way it works: It is a stand-alone class, but is suitable for creatively accompanying subjects on different cultures or world events through movement.
Duration: 1-1.5 hours (60-90 minutes)
Location and terms: Any smaller assembly hall or any room that allows participants to move around. Participants are advised to wear trousers to make performing the movements easier. Shoes are encouraged for the flamenco workshop, but socks or slippers are fine for the dance improvisation workshop.
Price per group: 160-200€ (additional transportation fees will be added to workshops taking place outside of Tallinn).
The content: We can divide the dance and movement workshops in two ways:

Flamenco is a deep-rooted culture born in South of Spain. The main forms of expression are cante (song), baile (dance) and toque (guitar). Flamenco dance is a very emotional and powerful form of self-expression. The dance is intense and proud with expressive hand movements and rhythmic feet stamping. There are various styles of the flamenco dance all expressing different personalities and emotions. In the flamenco dance workshop, we’ll sample different flamenco dance rhythms and try out the movement techniques for the arms, legs and the body. The workshop also includes a performance from the coordinator. In addition to movement, there is a theory section in the workshop where the participants can learn more about the background of flamenco culture and roots. Each workshop is designed differently to better suit each individual group. We also offer follow-up workshops.

The aim of the workshop is to encourage creativity and playfulness and to develop courage and freedom in movement. The participants can experience different playful movements and dance techniques and try out creating their own personal style of dance. Everyone can use their own stories, themes and movements etc. for the basis of their dance. There are different creative exercises to be performed individually, in pairs as well as in groups. We’ll also practice different movement combinations. The movements can be inspired by modern dance but also include elements (steps or movements) from flamenco, gypsy dance, Latin or African dance. Each workshop is designed differently to better suit each individual group. We also follow-up workshops.

Options for follow-up workshops: rhythmics class, improvisational theatre, Stories in Movement and Rhythm.

The workshop fits with programs such as lifelong learning and career development, cultural identity, health and security.

Coordinator: Mari-Liis Velberg is the Leader of Educational Activities at VAT Theatre, a freelance choreographer and dancer. Since 2017, she has been teaching flamenco dance in Dance School Esperanza:
Additionally, she has taught dance for kindergarten children. For years, she has been active in social work and been a sponsor for young children, while at the same time coordinated several projects for VAT Theatre Forum Group all over Estonia for students as well as adults. Her main aim has been initiating creative methods to activate and bring into effect change in society. A few examples include participating in the forum theatre scenes in a show Rusikas (2000) on Estonian Television channel and being a part of the Interactive Theatre as Informal Education (2004) project. She has also organised projects such as Youth Against Violence! (2004-2005), Freedom of Choice and Alternative Choice – Forum Theatre’s ID! (2004-2007) to prevent school violence. Alongside Piret Soosaar she has taught at the University of Tallinn and Viljandi Culture Academy. During 2012-2016 she studied choreography.

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