Target audience10 years old and up

SetupIndependently or after seeing a production of your choosing (the workshops are not connected to the productions)

Duration: 90 minutes

Location and terms: A classroom with movable tables and chairs or a smaller auditorium. We recommend all participants wear pants to make exercises simpler.

Participation fee (per group): 160(additional transport costs outside of Tallinn)

Description: In this workshop we create a safe and stress-free environment, where participants can feel free to express new sides of themselves. We jumpstart creativity and fantasy in ourselves through fun exercises and games, developing our attentiveness, reaction speed, powers of cooperation as well as learn to laugh at our mistakes. Through improvisation we raise self-confidence, reduce performance anxiety and develop an open attitude towards life. Improv is for everyone(!) who like to spend their time in a fantastic way!

When choosing between workshops, there are two paths to go down. The first is a more playful workshop where the spotlight is on playfulness, encouraging participants to be more open, sincere and spontaneous. We follow through with improv techniques and games, teaching participants to not only listen and pay attention to themselves but to others as well. No prior theatre experience or acting is required. The goal here is to show how positivity, attentiveness and trusting yourself as well as others, along with teamwork, makes anything achievable.

The more theatrical workshop takes a look at the specifics of an improv act – creating scenes, playing characters, dialgogue and narrative development. Previous experiences in acting or performing comes in handy here but is not necessarily a must.

Our improvisation workshops can be tied together seamlessly with literature, music, art and other classes where creativity is needed. The principles of improv help in generating ideas, solving problems and giving courage to present your ideas in any shape or form.

Ideas the workshop promotes: lifelong learning and career planning, cultural identity, health and safety

Workshop leads:

Mairi Tikerpalu is a professional actress and founding member of IMPEERIUM Improv, apart from where she can be seen as a freelance actress in many different theatre, TV and film projects. She has graduated from UT’s Viljandi Culture Academy as an actress, received training from many internationally accredited tutors. She runs workshops on improv in the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences as well as Von Glehn theatre. She has worked with children as well as adults in workshops, camps and training seminars.

Rauno Kaibiainen is a professional actress and founding member of IMPEERIUM Improv, having graduated from UT’s Viljandi Culture Academy as an actor. He has received training from numerous internationally accredited tutors, in addition to training in the fields of commedia dell’arte as well as masquerade theatre. Professionally Rauno also lends his talents to visual, shadow, device and puppet theatrics. He has taught improvisational theatre at many different training seminars and camps for people of all ages. He also trains young acting students at the Culture Academy in Viljandi.

Mairi Tikerpalu: „In teaching improv, I most cherish the effect improvisation has on people. I see them growing more and more confident, playful and cheerful!

Information about workshops and all other educational activities:

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