NEW! Read the feedback from the 6th graders from Türi Middle SchoolThe students participated in a stage fighting workshop prior to seeing the play and took part in the forum theatre workshop afterwards.

TARGET GROUP: 12-year olds and older
HOSTED: After seeing a show of your choosing (workshop can correlate with topics discussed in the play) or as an independent event.
DURATION: 1.5h (90 min)
LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Classroom or a smaller auditorium with an option to arrange an open space.
GROUP FEE: 190€ (fuel cost will be added to events outside of Tallinn)

CONTENTS: Forum theatre is a social theatre method for the oppressed that is inclusive and promotes dialogue between the people. After seeing a previously agreed upon play, we’re able to arrange different topics to discuss with the students at the forum theatre workshop. Together we’ll find solutions to the issues and questions that the play has raised. The workshop consists of inclusive activities such as theatrical games and other forum theatre exercises. Another option is to organise the workshop as an independent event. In this instance, through the forum theatre model, we’re able to discuss relevant social topics and issues (e.g. violence, addition etc.) that are important to that particular group.
Workshop can be used in correlation with curriculum topics such as: lifelong learning and career planning, environment and sustainable growth, citizens’ initiative and industry, cultural identity, age of information, health and safety, values and morals.
COORDINATOR: Mari-Liis Velberg (leader of educational activities at VAT) and VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers. You can get more information about VAT Forum Group on our website!
More information about workshops and educational activities:
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IN-DEPTH INFORMATION ABOUT WORKSHOPS (conditions, contents, recommendations from instructors)

SUPPORTIVE QUESTIONNAIRE that can be implemented after seeing any play

Türi PK students feedback