VAT Theatre’s “Vivarium” plays with the possibilities and choices of the future

Tomorrow, 18 January, the VAT Theatre will premiere the technology and participatory theatre production “Vivarium”, which will focus on the question: how can you spot the information bubble around you and what can you do to prevent it from becoming too intrusive?

VAT Theatre is staging a rather unique production on the Estonian theatre scene. When arriving at the theatre, the visitor opens the Vivarium website on his smartphone, which will guide him/she through Sakala 3 Theatre House. Is it easier and more useful to deal with survival in a small group or as a larger society? How long does it take for an individual to accept the views of a larger group? What has to happen for a person to want to give up his or her world view?

Mihkel Seeder, the dramaturg of “Vivarium”, reveals that the story is about an international company that has produced a high-tech zero-energy capsule. “Scientific calculations have shown that if people spend a certain amount of time in these capsules, the planet can return to ecological equilibrium. However, engineers have not been able to decide on the characteristics of the capsules that would make them work well. The conclusion is that it has to be a world view,” adds Seeder.

Director Helen Rekkor points out that the impetus for the production lies in society’s predisposition to encapsulate itself in sound bites. “The run-throughs with test audiences have shown that the structure created for the production works to make sense of the information bubble. The audience travels through the theatre space, but also through the tense situation of their own inner cosmos.”

“Vivarium” will premiere on 18 January 2023 in Sakala 3 Theatre House. The production will be directed by Helen Rekkor (Misanzen Theatre Company), starring Maarja Tammemägi, Merilin Kirbits (Improteater IMPEERIUM), Tanel Saar and Meelis Põdersoo, dramaturg Mihkel Seeder, artist Johannes Valdma, composer Villem Rootalu, lighting designer Rommi Ruttas, video designer Sander Põldsaar and developer Helena Väinmaa.

The production will be performed only 10 times and only in January.

The production has been created in the framework of the international new technologies theatre project “PLAYON!” and in collaboration with O Bando Theatre (Portugal). The production is supported by the Creative Europe programme.