“Toulouse” will premiere as soon as it can!

“Toulouse” will premiere as soon as it can!

These times of coronavirus have created a new game, where productions and their premieres like to change their dates as often as possible. All those antsy theatre-goers can find new dates from theatres’ homepages and see where the show they want to see has been pushed to now.

David Schalko’s “Toulouse” seems to be suffering from the same fate, with the premier having been rescheduled a number of times now.

“Toulouse” is the story of Silvia and Gustav – a couple whose 19 blissful years together are forgotten in an instant. As it turns out, Gustav likes younger women… The truth is that those 19 years don’t just disappear. Nothing just disappears! Silvia has returned to remind his future ex-husband that in a GRAND old way!

Iir Hermeliin has created a hotel room for the heated negotiations. Veiko Tubin has put together the soundtrack to this tango of destiny. Aare Toikka has made sure that the story creeps in and gets stuck in your mind. Finally, Elina Reinold and Margo Teder have put their body and soul out on display to bring you this humorous yet merciless story to you.

Just a bit more patience now. Good things – like divorce – come to those who wait.