Ticket information in regards to infection prevention

Ticket information in regards to infection prevention

According to the Estonian government’s decision, from August 9th 2021 all event organizers need to make sure that their events are clear from danger of infection.

From this date onwards, VAT Theater plays can be attended by guests who present one of the following documents:

A valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate
A certificate of recovery from COVID-19
A certificate denoting a negative COVID-19 test (PCR tests are valid only if done 72h before the event and antigen tests 48h) and a valid identification document.
If necessary your identity may be asked to be proven!

Theatergoers until the age of 18 don’t need any certificates, only a valid ID (ID-card, student card etc.)

Help and instructions regarding certificate generation can be found here: https://www.tehik.ee/el-covid-toendite-loomise-juhend

Since VAT does not have the capacity to provide rapid on-site testing, all tests must be done beforehand at the proper facility. A list of these can be found here: https://koroonatestimine.ee/patsiendile/tasuline-testimine/

Document checking may take more time than usual so we kindly ask you to arrive to your event a bit earlier.

When at VAT we ask you to follow the set rules – disinfect you hands and keep proper distance from other theatergoers when possible.

Additional information: eva@vatteater.ee or 5064169