Remix of Today

We live in a fun present.
Everyone’s so smart!
Everyone knows everything!
How to live. How to be.
What to eat. What not to inject.
They say there is a rift between us.
That errors have become inseparable parts of our days.
Me and you, we can not hear each other.
I talk about mine, you talk about yours.
They say that there’s a conflict between generations.
But when have the young and the old ever understood each other?
Is life not a constant crisis?
Seems like we’re always having errors with something.
Be it
Work or school
Truth or power,
Your mom or girlfriend,
Gender or food,
Injustice or love .
In some ways an error really isn’t an error,
but the natural course of things.
Life is an error. And errors are life.
„Woke & Mad” gives a lot of people a platform.
Not only for the young or for the old.
Not only for the woke. Not only for the mad.
Not only for the snowflakes.


NB! Late admissions will not be admitted and the tickets will not be refunded. 

This production has been created thanks to the support of the Goethe Institute and the German Foreign
Ministry. Materials were gathered with the contribution of the Nõmme Theatre Troupe (directors Elina
Reinold and Margo Teder), the Lasnamäe Theatre Troupe Lendav Lehm (directors Johanna Koppel and
Andrei Bandurevski) as well as Estonian students who took part in the story competition „VAT, KUS

Read articles Program
Sveta Grigorjeva
Mihkel Seeder
Christian Römer (Germany)
Karmo Mende
Dida Zende (Germany)
Lighting designer:
Rommi Ruttas
Karolin Jürise
Silva Pijon
Ago Soots
Siim Vahur (Tallinn City Theatre)

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