Who will you be tomorrow?

A vivarium is a shot at survival. It’s hope for a lengthy, successful symbiosis on this beautiful blue planet. Because unless we, humans, as a species, decide to finally do something, we will lose our homes in a moment. This is not fiction, but an inevitability.

This production is unique for the Estonian theater scene – it combines elements of technological and traveling theater. Arriving at the theater, the guest will open the Vivarium website on their phone, leading them to the Sakala 3 theater house. A journey filled with surprises will take the audience to different rooms and give them a chance to make decisions and re-evaluate their points of view. The central theme then becomes: how do we notice the information bubble around us and how do we make sure that it doesn’t become too restrictive for us?

“Vivarium” is a collaborative production where the participant gets to choose how they move through the different stages of the story.


NB! The production is in one act and lasts about 2 hours!

NB! A fully-charged SMARTPHONE is required to participate!

NB! The production is not recommended for those who experience claustrophobia!

NB! The production uses stage smoke and flashing lights!

NB! Late admissions will not be admitted and the tickets will not be refunded. 


Premiere on January 18th, 2023 at Sakala 3 theater house.

Only 10 performances in January!

The seats are not numbered

This production is part of the international theater project “PlayOn!” and was developed in co-operation with Teatro O Bando


2024 Estonian Theatre Awards nominee – THE THEATRE OF THEATRE AWARD (Helen Rekkor, Mihkel Seeder and Johannes Valdma – director, dramaturg and artist in the production “Vivaarium”).
2024 Estonian Theatre Awards nominee – PRIZE FOR PRIMARY DRAMATURGY (Mihkel Seeder – “Vivaarium”).

Helen Rekkor (Teatriühendus Misanzen)
Johannes Valdma
Video Designer:
Lighting Designer:
Helena Väinmaa
Merilin Kirbits (Improteater IMPEERIUM)

Press photos