Väike merineitsi

Fairytale about love.

VAT Theater´s co-operation project with Kuressaare´s City Theater.

Little Mermaid has waited to come of age because then she is allowed to swim on the surface and see people. On one day it happens. There is a storm and a shipwreck on the sea. Little Mermaid saves one young man. This is the way how Little Mermaid meets her prince. In our play two strange magicians tell us a story about love from a worldfamous storyteller.

Duration: 55 minutes. No intermission.
Premiere: 6 December 2006 in Kuressaare City Theater.

Dramatiseerija ja lavastaja:
Aare Toikka
Inga Vare
Muusikaline kujundaja:
Rivo Laasi
Garmen Tabor, Janek Joost ja Rivo Laasi