In collaboration with the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Ben and Gus in a little basement room.

One is reading the paper, the other is nervously pacing up and down.

Who are they?

And what are they waiting for?

How did they get there?

Will they be able to get out?

The story written by the legendary Harold Pinter will be filled to the brim with questions. However, the answers to them are hard to come by and they’ll appear in the most unexpected moments. His play The Dumb Waiter is from the 1950s – the era of smoky gangster movies, post-war paranoia and dark humour.

Young Pinter locked two characters in a dark basement. The young actors will attempt to bring them out alive and investigate what it really means to decide over someone’s life.

The play is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund (The ASTRA Project of the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre – EMTASTRA)

Premiere: February 21, 2020 in National Library Theatre Hall

Harold Pinter
Andreas Aadel (Tartu Uus Teater)
Directors instructor:
Anu Lamp (Tallinna Linnateater)
Anu Lamp
Andreas Aadel
Grete Rahi (Eesti Kunstiakadeemia)
Sound designer:
Kirill Havanski (Paide Teater)
Lighting designer:
Sander Aleks Paavo (Ugala Teater)
Simo Andre Kadastu (Tallinna Linnateater)
Jan Erik Ehrenberg
Siim Vahur (Tallinna Linnateater)

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