Drama for two, space for one

Toulouse is a university and industrial town in the south of France. Gustav’s young bride thinks that his dearest is there, attending a business conference. She doesn’t know that Gustav is actually in a hotel room in a seaside resort – with his ex-wife Silvia. Gustav thinks that they’ve met there to bury the hatchet and put an end to the nineteen beautiful years they spent together. What Gustav doesn’t know is that Silvia is there with an ulterior motive. “I want something today to regret tomorrow.” Silvia sighs, while making love to the minibar with her eyes. This goes completely over Gustav’s head. But Toulouse is about to roar to life in a way that Gustav and Silvia can not even fathom, with events about to transpire, that will turn their plans completely on their heads.

David Schalko (born 1973) is an Austrian writer, director and screen-writer. He received acclaim in his field for his prize-winning TV show formats. “Toulouse” premiered in Wiesbaden’s Staatstheater in 2018. A TV movie has been made, inspired by the play.

Premiere: April 9th 2021 in the Theatre Hall of the National Library

David Schalko
Mihkel Seeder
Aare Toikka
Margo Teder
Iir Hermeliin
Light designer:
Martin Koldits
Veiko Tubin
Elina Reinold
Margo Teder
Make up :
Maarja Linsi

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