I´m cold

A production about a student’s ever-lasting game on the existential chess board.

“The silence in these empty rooms terrifies me.” Blaise Pascal once said. Hans H. Luik and Peeter Jalakas’ production finds the substance in empty rooms.

Premiered: February 13th 1988 at the small hall at Linnahall. 

Through the lens of a clown, four fairy tales are told dressed in clown clothes. 

Don’t make fun of the old when you’re still young,

or of the poor when you’re still wealthy,

or the crippled when you’re still able,

or the blind when you’ve still got your sight,

or the stupid when you’re so smart.

Premiered: March 20th 1988

Accolades: Special prize for best stage movement at the Estonian Theatre Union’s Children’s Stage Production Festival at theatre Ugala.

Hans H. Luik
Peeter Jalakas
Sound designer:
Sven Kullerkupp
Reet Kudu
Light designer:
Margus Daum
Lauri Saatpalu
Ahti Puudersell, Emil Rutiku, Valdo Lauri, Tiina Rebane, Marika Vaarik, Olavi Antons, Kaia Kapsta