Three versions of life

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

A successful astrophysicist and his wife go to visit another astrophysicist’s family. For some odd reason, they get there one day too early. This is just the first mishap because the anticipated afternoon of intellectual stimulation turns into a nightmare and tensions run high in the characters’ personal and work lives.
One of the most celebrated contemporary French playwrights, Yasmina Reza has created a vicious dramaturgical circle – a hellish evening that four obstinate and quick-witted people have to relive over and over again. In order to escape this mess, the astrophysicists might really need God in heaven to come to their aid…


Premiere: April 6, 2019 in National Library Theatre Hall

The performance is in one act and runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes

NB! Latecomers are not allowed to enter and the ticket money will not be refunded! 

Yasmina Reza
Margus Alver
Karl Koppelmaa (Teater KELM)
Karoliina Kull
Lighting designer:
Martin Koldits
Elina Reinold
Harriet Toompere (Eesti Draamateater)
Tanel Saar
Margo Teder
Jakop Nõmmik
Siim Vahur (Tallinna Linnateater)

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