Wiiralt, Saar and Purgatory

Life – a bacchanalia ending in a hellish hangover.
The hedonistic lifestyle from the time of Eduard Wiiralt might seem wildly different from what we have today but in the end, the result is exactly the same: the party acts as a rite, for people to feel untethered for a brief moment.

Untethered from? Well, that’s for every partygoer to decide for themselves.

Director Tanel Saar has picked a bouquet of characters from Wiiralt’s two most detailed engravings and has given the characters a story. An escape. A craving for human touch. Regret. Battling demons from one’s past. If only there was a way out! If only for a moment, when the cocktail of absinthe and music makes you feel ever so cozy, warm and safe…

Tanel Saar is the director responsible for many of VAT Theatre’s more unconventional productions: “Adam and Eve”, “Meal on the Grass”, “Blow-Up” and “Oidipus.Antigone”.

“Cabaret.Hell”, a physical dance experience, will coax the viewers even deeper into the dark Saar-verse.

Premiere: September 20th 2023 in the Sakala 3 Black Box

The production is in one act and lasts 1h and 30 minutes.

The production has no spoken text and is therefore suitable for non-Estonian speakers.

NB! Latecomers will be denied entry and will not be eligible for refunds.

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Author of the concept and Director:
Lighting Designer:
Composer and Musician:
Leon Augustin Allik

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