In memoriam Bellingshausen

Fever At The Edge of The World

South pole.
A research station.
Two scientists.
In complete silence.
Getting on each other´s nerves.
And when the daily routine doesn´t work anymore –
Only solutions seems in changing something.
But what?

Director Joel Väli: “This stage play gives us a chance to realize some of our opportunities, to live life to the fullest. The play is an experience of what has NOT happened. An event that hasn’t happened is as unpredictable as a person’s madness, as they leave…”

NB! The show has no spoken text and is suitable also for non-Estonian speakers.

Premiere: October 13th 2022 in the Sakala Kammersaal

NB! Late admissions will not be admitted and the tickets will not be refunded.

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Designer - Director:
Joel Väli (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Andreas Kübar
Light designer:
Leon Augustin Allik
Markus Robam
Egert Kadastu
Ursel Tilk (Eesti Draamateater)
Markus Truup