A ballad on naturalness

The death of a dog gives birth to grief.
To defeat the loneliness, a man starts looking for some way to fill the emptiness in his block apartment. He dives into the miraculous secrets of nature, capturing flamingoes, scorpions, rats, eagles and tigers with his handheld camera,  hoping to find some reflection of naturalness in their motions. And soon enough, naturalness exposes its stretched-out, flexible shapes.

Will he finally find self-love or is it possible to mute mankind’s desire for perfection?

Joel Väli’s lyrical epic focuses on social grief and the deficit of love a.k.a. humans amidst nature.

Premiere: November 6th 2023 in the Sakala 3 Black Box

The production is in one act and lasts 1h and 20 minutes.

The production is almost completely silent, making it easily understandable for non-Estonian speakers.

NB! Latecomers will be denied entry and will not be eligible for refunds.


Picture: Horace Pippin “Holy Mountain III”

Joel Väli
Andreas Kübar
Light and video Designer:
Léon Augustin Allik (Theatrum)
Sound Designer:
Áki Sebastian Frostason (Island)

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Sakala 3 Teatrimaja suur saal

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