NEW! SUPPORTING MATERIALS (for before or after seeing The Predator or participating in a stage fighting workshop)

TARGET GROUP:From 10th grade and up. Adults included
HOSTED:After seeing The Predator or suits well to illustrate and enrich various school subjects
DURATION: 1.5 h (90 min).
LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Classroom or auditorium with an option to arrange an open space. We would need a projector, speakers, a blackboard and something to write with.
GROUP FEE: 160€ (fuel cost will be added to events outside of Tallinn)
CONTENTS: The workshop will discuss the topics of sexual rights and sexual positivity as well as where and why they are established. We’ll discuss which values support those topics and which stereotypes are harmful. We’ll analyse the background and reasons of sexual violence. We’ll discuss toxic masculinity and ways of standing up to that. We’ll dissect these topics through the characters of the play and their thoughts.
The workshop will enrich and support the social studies curriculum and any subjects deailing with humanities and elective legal courses. Additionally, the workshop would work great in raising awareness and preventing sexual violence.
Workshop can be used in correlation with curriculum topics such as: citizen initiative and industry, cultural identity, age of information, technology and innovation, health and safety, values and morals
Workshop designed for adults is rather similar to the youth-oriented workshop. However, the main focus will be more on directing the adults who work with youngsters on how to handle these topics with students or young adults. The price for adult workshop is 250€.
Kristina, Birk-Vellemaa is a youth worker and has a background in education. Since 1999 she has been an active consultant for the Estonian Reproductive Health Association
where she has worked as a lead consultant since 2015. Kristina has been passionate about topics of gender norms and
sexual violence in her everyday work as well as spoken about about them in media.
Her work in the field of sexual health has allowed her to collaborate and consult with assciations and organisations outside of Estonia.
Lately, she has worked closely with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Moldova but she is active in consulting with and training youth workers at Tallinn University.
Kristina is a passionate activist regarding gender equality and human rights.
Siim Vellemaa is a lawyer whose everyday work happens in the governemnt but who is passionate about personal freedom, self-determination, human rights and sexual positivity. Siim analyses sexual rights through his passion fo human rights and his knowledge as a lawyer. Siim is a consultant for the Estonian Reproductive Health Association as well as a board member.
Comments from the coordinators: At the workshop we’ll dissect different aspects of sexuality through rights, self-determination and sexual positivity. Yet all these topics will lead us back to stereotypes and gender norms. We’ll take a look how out environment and culture surrounding us growing up will influence how we approach the rigths we and others have to be a human. We’ll have a look at harmful stances and how to notice and change them. The workshop will present each paricipant with a new gender-lens that will be hard to ignore after finishing the workshop.

Information about the workshops and oher educational activities:
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Leader of educational activities / mariliis@vatteater.ee