TARGET GROUP: Teachers and people working with youngsters, size of the group is max 20 people
HOSTED: As an independent event
DURATION: 3 academic hours (2h 15min)
GROUP FEE: 250€ (fuel cost will be added to events outside of Tallinn)

CONTENTS: Creative writing can be a highly useful tool for a teacher, this will aid you in enriching your classes, connecting various subjects and interpreting ones work in general. The aim of the creative writing workshop is to offer the participants useful and playful tricks and tips to implement in their everyday work. During the session, you’ll work individually, as well as in a group to exchange experiences and get inspired by one another. This workshop is great for team building events because is gives the participants the opportunity to get to know each other from a creative viewpoint. Topics covered in the workshop: how to stimulate imagination, finding and developing inspiration, different stages of writing, giving feedback to student’s creative works. The creative writing workshop is meant for teachers of all subjects who believe that their students might benefit in their class by implementing creative approach. We welcome teachers of humanities, social studies, of science and of natural science.
NB! The workshop could be set up by a certain direction that will focus only on creative writing – the goal there would be to reach one or multiple text prompts that the participants could keep developing independently.
THE COORDINATOR: Mihkel Seeder is a playwright for VAT Theatre and a tutor at Drakadeemia creative writing school. Mihkel has graduated from University of Tartu in German and theatre studies as well as the Master’s programme at theatre pedagogy from Drama School at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He has also hosted workshops for Estonian Actors Union as well as for the Writers House. Mihkel is an active playwright and screenwriter. At VAT his creations include Web Demon, Mister Green and Artur Sirk’s Estonia. His screenwriting works include Free Men and Restart. Some of the plays at VAT that have been created thanks to his translations are Müller must go! And Pitch Black.

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