Target audience: 10 years old and up
Setup: Independent event (can be tied to a production or even compulsory reading).
Duration: 90 minutes
Location and terms: A classroom where each participant can write; some paper or a notebook and something to write with; preferably projector capabilities
Participation fee (per group): 160 € (additional transport costs outside of Tallinn).

Description: When we put down a good book or get out of an especially touching play or movie, more often than not the first thing we say is “What a story!”. What we miss though, is the fact that our own days consist of tens of interesting stories and adventures. The stories haven’t gone away, as hasn’t the fantasy – they both just need to be rediscovered. This workshop aims to give participants the chance to remember those stories. There is a two-pronged approach – firstly, groups figure out the big picture and then individually everyone fleshes out the pivotal moments, the beginnings and the endings. Throughout this process, we figure out what the parts of a story are and what are they there for. This is a workshop for those who want to fan the flames of creativity and systematic thinking, giving story-writing a try. As participants write the stories they sooner or later think about whether or not what they’ve written is exact enough or does it need a more detailed description. The workshop is held in accordance with the age of the audience: for the younger audiences we can emphasize thinking and working as a group, approaching the topic through games. Older groups can benefit from our more analytical workshops with writing exercises meant for more in-depth work. If the interest in writing persists, we can also follow up story writing with a workshop on how to write a play.

Ideas the workshop promotes: lifelong learning and career planning, environment and sustainable development, cultural identity, values and morality

Workshop manager: Mihkel Seeder is VAT’s own dramaturge and supervisor at Drakadeemia creative writing school. He has lectured students as well as adults on numerous genres of writing. Mihkel is an active playwright as well as screenwriter. At VAT he is the writer behind such greats as “Web Demon”, “Mister Green” and “Sirgu Eesti”. He has written screenplays for “Restart” as well as “Vabad Mehed”. His short stories have been published in Värske Rõhk and ELLA. Mihkel also translates theatre pieces from German to Estonian. His translation of Lutz Hübner’s “Müller Must Leave!” has seen the stage at VAT.

Drakadeemia private creative writing school hosts creative writing events and classes for adults as well as students.

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