NEW! Read the feedback from the 6th graders at Türi Middle School. The children attended stage fighting workshop before seeing the play and attended a forum theatre workshop afterwards.

TARGET GROUP: 12-year olds and older
HOSTED: as an independent event or before/after seeing The Paul Street Boys
DURATION: 1.5h (90 minutes)
LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Classroom or auditorium with an option to arrange an open space. Participants are recommended to wear trousers as it’ll be easier to perform the exercises.
GROUP FEE: 160€ (fuel cost will be added to events outside of Tallinn)
CONTENTS: The aim of the workshop is to take a closer look at why do fights start and what are the possible consequences. Is starting a fight a sign of strength or weakness? We’ll discuss fighting traditions and fighting culture. Where do we draw the line between fighting for a sport and fighting because of anger? We’ll also explore how fighting is done in films and on stage – those who are interested, will be able to try the latter one out as well. The workshop will consist of active conversation as well as physical exercises.
Attention! We offer an option of follow-up workshops in case the group is interested in improving their skills and knowledge.
Workshop can be used in correlation with topics: environment and sustainable growth, cultural identity, health and safety, values as morals.
Tanel Saar (actor at VAT Theatre who has choreographed numerous stage fighting scenes in various plays). Tanel has worked at VAT Theatre for 13 years and has been involved in stage fighting for 10. He has choreographed fight scenes for many Estonian films and teaches the art to schools.
Kalle Kõiv he has 15 years of experience of being a director and manager of events at Valge Maja OÜ. He has experience in stage fighting for the same amount of time. He is also one of the founders of Estonian Stage Fight Society and is a certified instructor from the Nordic Stage Fight Society. He has directed many fight scenes for festivals, plays as well as films. Kalle has drawn his knowledge for story creations from a known Swiss theatre man Marcus Zohner’s lectures on improvisation. His more philosophical take on stories of people and different roles started once he started his theology studies at the Institute of Theology.
Comment from Tanel Saar: My workshop is interesting because there isn’t a lot of sitting and theorising but rather, we go straight to the practical. We’ll discuss how necessary or unnecessary is physical contact after seeing The Paul Street Boys or just as a stand-alone course without the play. My experience so far shows that the practical side is far more interesting than just talking about it and that’s what I do. I’d recommend this to anyone who spend most of their days sitting at their school desks. If there is a classmate who you haven’t properly looked in the eye yet, then we’ll definitely rectify this at my class.
Comment from Kalle Kõiv: One the one hand, stage fighting is like a dance where cooperation and connection to your partner hold a special importance. On the other hand, this can prove to be extremely attractive for the audience. The training will help you to get to know your partners, gain practical techniques and will get you ready to give a short performance at the end of the first lesson! There are only a few things that are cool but harmless all the same!
Feedback comments from students from Türi Middle School:
Elise: “It was very exciting to see all the fight scenes.“
Tomi: “I really enjoyed this workhop becuase it was exciting and we got to try all the things ourselves.“
Aleksia: “I liked it alot and we got to try something new and fun.”
Annabel M: “I really liked being at the workshop with my friend. We got to act out the fight scenes.”
Rannet: “I really liked stage fighting, I’d try it again.”
Annabel N: “I really liked it because we go to know some of the secrets of fight scenes and we got to try them out ourselves.“
Markus: “Stage fighting was really good”
Brenet: “This workshop was really fun.”

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Sikupilli studets feedback

Türi PK students feedback

NB! The play The Pal Street Boys was first played at VAT on the 16th of November in 2004. The actors who participated were Margo Teder, Janek Sarapson, Tanel Saar and Kaspar Jancis. That particular cast performed 200 times during 10 years. The last performance was on the 7th of November 2014. Director Aare Toikka nad artist Kaspar Jancis recreated the play with a new cast on the 10th of November 2015.