FORUM THEATRE WORKSHOP “The youth in the virtual reality”

TARGET GROUP: 12-year olds and older.
Hosted: As an independent event. Excellent to enrich school subjects where topics include communication or the Internet.
Duration: 1.5h (90 minutes)
Location and requirements: Classroom or auditorium with an option to arrange an open space.
Group fee: 190€ (fuel cost will be added to event outside Tallinn).

Contents: NEW! Starting with the 2018-2019 season, we offer an option to participate at the workshop Youths in the Virtual World workshop after seeing #eraseme. The workshop can also be hosted as an independent event. The aim of the workshop after the play is to dissect the topics discussed in the play, analyse the characters’ behaviour and find solutions to various issues in the play through forum theatre activities and exercises. We’ve created a workshop model where each workshop is different and is especially suited to each group. We also offer the option of multiple consecutive workshops with the same group. The play deals with multiple hard-hitting topics such as: school bullying, depression, self-harm, complicated family dynamics, dangerous online games, mental health, suicide etc. We also have supporting materials that are available on the VAT Theatre home page. The materials are recommended to be worked through before and after seeing the play.

Background: The concept of the workshop stems from the VAT and Baltic Computer Systems Training collaboration project Theatre of the Internet. The result of that was a play called Born on the Internet. As groundwork for the play, the organisers hosted numerous forum workshops on the topic of Internet safety all over Estonia. The feedback from the youngsters was used to create the play. More information can be found here:
The workshops solidified the assumption that the topic of Internet safety is highly important for students. At the workshop we’ll apply the interactive and inclusive games and activities of forum theatre to discuss the challenges and problems youngsters face in the virtual world. In collaboration with the students, we’ll be able to take a look at the behavioural differences on the Internet versus the real world and discuss other relevant topics, such as computer addiction. The aim of the workshop is to create a safe space for students to reflect on and discuss the effects of Internet and virtual world. Through theatrical techniques we’ll create a dialogue and seek answers to the intriguing questions. The topics up for discussion include: Do I lead myself through the virtual world or does the virtual world lead me? Can one disappear into the virtual world? How is my identity online different from my identity offline? The coordinators don’t have ready-made answers for the students. The participants look for the answers together. As a result of the workshop we aim to improve youngsters’ ability to be more aware and self-aware when it comes to the world of the Internet.
Workshop can be used in correlation with curriculum topics such as: lifelong learning and career planning, environment and sustainable growth, citizen initiative and industry, cultural identity, the age of information, technology and innovation, health and safety, values and morals.

Coordinators: VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers More information can be found at the VAT Theatre home page: As a new addition, since the 2018-2019 season we offer more opportunities to host workshops all over Estonia as well as the schools in Southern Estonia!
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IN-DEPTH INFORMATION ABOUT WORKSHOPS (conditions, contents, recommendations from instructors)


IN-DEPTH INFORMATION ABOUT WORKSHOPS (conditions, contents, recommendations from instructors)

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