On November 2nd, our last spring-time wrong shall be righted - “Tallinnville”, the original stage performance by author-director Helen Rekkor, will premiere.

“Tallinnville” presents gripping, haunting ja enthralling stories in a capital city, all intertwining with each other. This is a piece for fans of dark humor. For those in search of lyrics. Or spirits. A piece for those who have rumbled in the jungle of Tinder. For the environmentally-minded. For those, unsure whether or not they can handle themselves. For those fearing the imminent end of days.

For family planners. Urban planners. IT-enthusiasts. Bullies and those getting bullied. Politicians and blue-eyed hopefuls. The old and the young. For friends of Tallinn.

Life in Tallinnville creates a drowsy illusion of anonymity - you fall in love, get betrayed, you create and destroy without ever noticing how every single action you take has an effect on the whole of your surroundings. People are designed to make mistakes. And machines record and store those mistakes until the end of time…

Featuring: Henessi Schmidt, Piret Krumm, Ago Soots ja Margo Teder

Shows November 13th and 14th and December 2nd, 3rd, 11th and 12th at 18:00 in the Theatre Hall of the National Library of Estonia.



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