VAT Educational celebrates 10 years of educational activities!

Introducing a new offer, this season brings the writing workshop “VATinarium” to supplement the play “Romeo and Juliet”. VAT’s very own playwright Mihkel Seeder talks about the play as well as the workshop “VATinarium” in the recent blog Huvitav Kool, run by the Ministry of Education and Research: LINK

We continue cracking open taboos and subjects that often get brushed to the side. We offer the writing workshop “VATinaarium” to supplement “Do Fish Sleep?” (the topic of grief), our play #eraseme (cyber and school bullying) and the forum workshop “Youngster in A Virtual World” as well as our play “The Predator” (sexual violence) and the complementing workshop “Sexuality and Our Rights”.

Additionally, there are a number of fun workshops (e.g. flamenco, stage fighting and improv), that work well enriching various events and also work as episodic workshops. The activities are flexible and are meant for everyone from children to adults in addition to it being possible to host these events in different languages.

Check out the workshops and materials using our home page: http://www.vatteater.ee/et/opetajale.html.

Additional information: mariliis@vatteater.ee.



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