The opening play for this season at VAT Theatre is Romeo and Juliet

As life moves slowly back to normal, our team has also started rehearsals to bring three new plays to our audience in autumn.

Already on the 3rd of September we’ll premiere Romeo and Juliet at Vaba Lava in the Big Hall. The story has been told in every kind of way over the last few hundred years: with emphasis on the good, the bad, the beautiful and the grotesque. But never has the tragedy of Capulets and Montagues been told in the context of VAT Theatre. So, what is Romeo and Juliet like at VAT? It’s brief, brisk, passionate, bloody, indecent, virtual and physical, Dionysian and subdued in a very Franciscan-esque manner. Aare Toikka, the playwright and director has removed everything excessive from Shakespeare’s and added his own colour to ensure the story will remain fresh. The performers are Henessi Schmidt, Karmo Nigula (Estonian Drama Theater), Karolin Jürise, Elina Reinold, Margo Teder, Ago Soots, Tanel Saar and Meelis Põdersoo; Iir Hermeliin as the creative director.

Precisely a month later on 3rd of October, we’ll premiere War Junkie in the Tower Hall at the Estonian National Library. The basis of the play is the 2002 book written by the war reporter Jon Steele where the author describes the devilish yet tantalizing nature of his calling. His work as a war reporter took him from one hotspot to another. Just a few meters turned a civilised city street into a war zone where every second could be your last. As a cameraman it was Steele’s task to forget every survival instinct and dive right into the middle of open fire – all because the world had to see what war does to people. The story is directed by Sulev Keedus and performed by Kristo Viiding (Estonian Drama Theatre) and Karolin Jürise.

On the 12th of November in the Theatre Hall at the Estonian National Library we’ll take care of a springtime debt to our audience as we premiere the story of Tallinnville by the author-director Helen Rekkor. It is a blend of gripping, frightening and intoxicating stories taking place in one capital. Life in the metropolis of Tallinnville lulls its people into a sense of anonymity – they fall in love, betray, create and destruct unable to really notice the ripple effect their every action creates. People are created to make mistakes. And machines are made to record them for ever…

Performing: Henessi Schmidt, Piret Krumm, Ago Soots and Margo Teder.

We’d like to remind you that all tickets for plays cancelled in the spring can be exchanged for the same play that will be performed until 31.12.2020.

If the option of exchange is not suitable, we’ll refund the tickets until 30.06.2020.

Contact kristin@vatteater.ee for further information and ticket exchanges.

NB! When buying tickets, please that as a safety measure, we’ve reduce the number of seats in the Theatre Hall at the National Library.

Thank you for your cooperation! Stay safe and healthy!

Yours, VAT Theater


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