VAT Theatre’s new season brings 5 new productions

The rehearsal period for our first new production, The Ridiculous Darkness, is nearing its end and the result will be in front of you already on September 20th.

In this story spiced with dark humour, two soldiers are sent on a dangerous mission. They need to find a military man from a rain forest who, according to the stories, has lost his mind in his primeval surroundings and has killed all his comrades-in-arms. On a larger scale it is a story of a white man’s prejudiced and limited attitude towards the rest of the world – we are the ones who know best how everything works.

The author of the story is Wolfram Lotz (Germany), the director is Christian Rõmer (Germany). The production team includes Mihkel Seeder (translator and dramaturg), Iir Hermeliin (set artist), Arne Vogelgesang (video artist), Sander Põllu (light designer), Marge Ehrenbusch (choreographer), and the actors: Jaak Prints, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder and Ago Soots.

The heart speaks its mind

Whisper of the Heart is a production that premiers on November 28th and gives stage to the heart: an organ that goes through the biggest suffering in the times of modern, stress filled life. A man is rushing into ten directions, is fussing about everything and is labouring on while completely forgetting himself, but the poor heart needs to forbear all of that in silence. Not any more – now it is heart’s turn to speak its mind!

The author of the story is a popular Russian writer, director and dramaturg Evgeny Grishkovets (Russia), the director is Margo Teder and the actor on stage is Lauri Saatpalu. The production team includes: Toomas Tall (translator of the play), Kaspar Jancis (artist), Triin Hook (light designer) and Paul Daniel (sound designer).

March arrives with Decameron

In March 2019, Aare Toikka and the theatre students of the Viljandi Culture Academy are bringing to life one of the root texts of European culture: Decameron. The production tells a story of a group of youth who have locked themselves into a villa to escape the plague and are sharing a load of heartwarming, strange, bloody and painful stories to pass the time.

The author is Giovanni Boccaccio (Italy) and the director and the dramatist is Aare Toikka. The team includes Tanel Saar (choreographer), Veiko Tubin (music desinger) and the theatre students of the Viljandi Culture Academy’s class of 2015. The performances will run both in Tallinn and in Viljandi.

The stage is set for difficult relationships...

March 2019 also brings a second new production to our stage: Yazmina Reza’s (France) Life x 3. A successful astrophysicist and his wife are visiting a familty of another astrophysicist. For some reason or another, they arrive a day too early. This is only the first faux pas since the expected evening of highbrow conversations turns into a proper mess and the tensions reach their peak both in the caharacters’ private and professional lives.

The story is translated by Margus Alver and directed by Karl Koppelmaa (Theatre KELM). On stage: Elina Reinold, Liisa Pulk, Tanel Saar and Margo Teder.

... and dangerous substances

The authors for the story A wonderful evening and even a more gorgeous morning (working title) are Helen Rekkod and Mihkel Seeder. The director is Helen Rekkor (Theatre Group Misanzen).

Roofie or Rohypnol is a strong sleeping pill that has become the sinister symbol for all the date rape drugs. The unsuspecting party goer gets their drink spiked so that they would be easier to bend to the will of the other. It is mistakenly thought that roofies have no place in the Estonian night scene. But they do. And not rarely. What type of person would be willing to do something like that to another human being? And how do the people act who suddenly understand that they have become the targets – will they freeze with fear or transform into angels of revenge?

Premiere: April 2019 in the Tower Hall of the National Library.


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