Three more premieres in the first half of this season!

* 30th of January sees the premiere of „Do fish sleep?”, a wonderful story written by the German playwright Jens Raschke and directed by Aare Toikka.

There is only one actor on stage: Liisa Saaremäel is playing a 10-year-old Juta. The topics she talks about are very serious – a year ago, after a difficult illness, Juta’s 6-year-old brother passed away. How the things followed from there, how her mom and dad dealt with life, how children see such situations, and is it correct to keep children away from tough topics in order to „protect them”? Juta is young and her worldview is so sincere and occasionally surprisingly perceptive that the author has been praised for depicting a topic without tear jerking or excessive embellishments that is almost a taboo for the young audience as well. The text itself gives no straight answers to existential questions but invites both the children and their parents to think along.

* 20th of March sees the premiere of an original youth production „#deleteme”.

The joint production of VAT Theatre and Kolibri Theatre (Hungary) takes place under the frame of project Platform Shift+ with the authors for the original story idea being Kristiina Jalasto, György Vidovszky and Péter Horváth.

#bluewhale is a dangerous online game where anonymous administrators allure young people to perform foolhardy challenges. Marek, a victim of school bullying with no close relationships with family or friends, is an ideal target. The game lasts for 50 days and every day the administrator sends the player a yet more dangerous challenge. A game that at first is fun and exciting soon becomes a horrific roller coaster with almost no chances of getting off.

At the same time, Karl, who has been missing for seven years, suddenly returns alive and healthy. While his family is joyous over the miraculous return, they soon become suspicious whether they are actually dealing with the same boy who went missing as a kid. A psychologist and a police officer start investigating what actually happened to Karl during those years.

Marek wants to find an exit from the game. Karl wants to prove that he is himself. The administrator wants his game to reach the final challenge. Karl’s mother wants his son back. Not all wishes are meant to come true.

The director is Helen Rekkor. The actors are Helena Merzin, Loore Martma, Roland Laos, Rauno Kaibiainen and Meelis Põdersoo.

* Tanel Saar’s new production will premiere in May in the Tower Hall.

The production has been inspired by the legendary film „Blow-up” (1966) by Michelangelo Antonioni.

During developing his photos, an eccentric photographer Thomas discovers something strange on a photo he took during his visit to the park. Soon, Thomas finds himself obsessing about it – he is willing to do whatever it takes in order to find out the truth hiding on his photo.

The drummer Kristan Kallas will create the live music on stage. The actors are Markus Habakukk (Kuressaare City Theatre), Lauli Otsar (Kuressaare City Theatre), Liisa Pulk, Kaia Skoblov, and the director is Tanel Saar.


In order to encourage school pupils to try their hand a dialogue, VAT Theatre announces a three-part project „WHOAH, WHAT A DIALOGUE!”. The first part of the competition focuses on scene writing, and all students from years 8-11 are welcome to participate.

The deadline for the competition is on the international theatre day, 27th of March 2018. Send your text to mihkel@vatteater.ee

The most captivating texts will be published on VAT Theatre’s home page.

Read more from: http://www.vatteater.ee/et/opetajale/30/vat-kus-dialoog-stseenikirjutamise-konkurss.html

Tickets to all our old and new productions are available at Piletilevi, Piletimaailm and at the information point of the National Library.