Live performance of Priit Pärn’s animated film

Priit Pärn’s animated film „Breakfast on the Grass“ premiered in 1987. This grotesque story of four characters depicted vividly the perestroika atmosphere of its time. The animation also gained international success and was awarded numerous prizes. „Breakfast of the Grass“ is one of Priit Pärn’s best-known works, and it reminds us why the Soviet Union had to collapse sooner or later.

Director Tanel Saar reflects: „I have always been captivated by this animation by Pärn. First of all I am fascinated by how the four characters’ stories are so skilfully interwoven. Secondly, I can see reflections of the social criticism of the 30-year-old story in today’s world. „Breakfast of the Grass“ is a satire about bureaucracy. It seems to me that still today people have to go through many social and bureaucratic nightmares before being able to reach their dreams. Through humiliation towards our goals! I am tempted to find a way to bring this inspiring animated film into theatrical action, to find its equivalents in live performance accompanied by Madis Muul’s music. And in the end I want to understand how far should and must one go to fulfil their dreams?“

Premiere: May 4, 2017 in National Library Tower Hall


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