Dear teacher – this is how we can collaborate!

Since last autumn our theatre offers not only exciting performances but also a varied selection of  EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES. In the new season these will continue and successful collaborations with teachers will be developed further.

GOAL: The goal of the educational activities is to offer the teachers and students a chance to form their theatre visit into a wholesome experience. This covers pre-attunement, being consciously present whilst in theatre and feedback. Thus, in co-operation with the teachers, the theatre can create the conditions which help to enhance the youngsters' awareness of theatre as a phenomenon, and of themselves and their perception of the world. We wish to offer the teachers a chance to dwell on the topic covered by a certain production in depth both beforehand and after seeing the show. For the people of the theatre, this also becomes a wonderful chance to meet the people for whom we are putting together the productions we do.We hope these activities to grow into mutually exciting and enriching experiences.

The educational department offers the following practical and useful activities:

NEWS: Creative competition for school children: a comic strip competition on the beaviour in the theatre.

NEWS: On February 1, 2012 at 4pm we invite all the teachers into our theatre to share their opinions on the creative methods. The afternoon will be teed off with the production "HELP!" and will be followed by an interactive introduction to an educational workshop "Help! Help Yourself!" (led by Andres Karu). The third part of the evening, "Creative methods and partnerships between theatre and school", consists of the work groups sharing their experiences and drawing from the ideas of the mentioned topic. The length of the workshop shall be approximately 3 hours (incl. the performance). We ask the participants to prepare themselves beforehand. Read more from the December's newsletter and from the summary of the teachers' meeting in the Supporting materials. The work group can hold ca 20 people. Please, let us know of your attendance by January 23 to mariliis[at]vatteater.ee.

NEWS: Our homepage features a new section - Supporting materials - which offers various materials that could be useful before or after the visit to the theatre. For example: a summary of the teachers' meeting which also features recommendations for creative methods which to implement in the classroom before and after a visit to the theatre; a supporting questionnaire on a performance analysis which can be used by teachers before and after a theatre visit to point the students towards observing different aspects of the story told on stage. The questionnaire has been compiled by VAT Teater's artistic director Aare Toikka. The same section also features a summary on the educational activities offered by Tallinn's museums, in case a need arises to offer new learning experiences to school children.

Information and additional materials on every production can be found on the website. The goal is to open up the essence of the production in order for the teachers to make the best choice to which production to take the students to. The useful links and photos pertaining to the subject of the production, rehearsal videos or culture broadcasts which have covered the production, reviews and articles, and the students' feedback (on both workshops and performances) are all featured. The homepage covers the target groups, the topics covered by the productions and recommendations on which school subjects could be thematically joined to that specific production.

• Before and after-performance workshops. The leader shall be a person closely connected to the performance, either an actor, director or an educator.

Mailing list about forum theatre and other creative methods

If you wish to join either of these, please email at mariliis@vatteater.ee

We are looking forward to your suggestions on additional supporting activities and materials which would help to enrich the theatre experience as a whole.

Happy co-creations!
Mari-Liis Velberg
VAT Theatre Forum group leader/ Educator