OUT OF THE BOX - How to Handle the Topic of Protest – an Interactive Guide

During 2017-2018, VAT Theatre collaborated with Emergency Exit Arts (England), Theater Junge Generation (Germany) and Théâtre Massalia (France) on the Platform Shift Plus project and created an interactive guide called Out of the Box.
The aim of the project was to find out from the youth of these countries what protesting meant to them and which topics they would want to make themselves heard on. The participants sought out fresh and creative opportunities to voice their opinions and refute the idea of protesting being an out of date and ineffective form of expression.
The project culminated in May 2018 in Tallinn where a public introduction along with a forum theatre show was held (more on that: http://www.vatteater.ee/et/ekstra/16/protest.html).
During the summer, the project travelled through other partnering countries and by autumn, the main goal of the project - a webpage introducing everything the project entails - has been completed.
The webpage https://outoftheboxprotest.wordpress.com/ introduces protest boxes that were created as part of the project. The themes and topics of each box have been chosen by the youngsters and they represent the questions or issues that the European youth feel passionate about. Seasoned theatre practitioners figured out creative ways to express those ideas and made them into protest boxes which the youngsters can interactively interpret and solve.
Now we encourage you, teachers, managers of extracurricular activities, acting group coordinators and, of course, youngsters to seize the opportunity and create your very own protest boxes according to the instructions on the website. You can utilise the protest boxes in your classes to discuss different prevalent topics, develop skills and encourage group work. What makes these boxes special is the fact that they have been made by youngsters for youngsters and each new “player” gets to develop its content and have the opportunity to create a completely new protest box for the next person.
The website includes guides, videos and the results of earlier games. Have fun exploring!

For further information contact mihkel@vatteater.ee.