TARGET GROUP: 14+ years
TIME: After “Do you like Porn?” performance
DURATION: 1.5 h (90 min)
LOCATION AND CONDITIONS: A classroom with movable chairs and desks, or a smaller hall. We need access to a projector, loudspeakers and a blackboard.
GROUP PARTICIPATION FEE: ‎€ 80 (the cost for fuel will be added to the sum for out of Tallinn workshops)

CONTENT: What is sexuality? How wide is the sexual and gender identity spectrum? How is media influencing our understanding of them both? What are gender roles and the stereotypes that surround us, and which ones have we been brought up with? How do they influence our life and our choices? We shall seek answers to these questions in our workshop that incorporates a discussion with various activities. The workshop „Sexuality, Identity and the Influence of Media” supports various topics from middle and high school social subjects, such as gender, identity, sexuality, gender roles, gender stereotypes.

The performance „Do you like Porn?” is a good introduction and a warm-up for the topics discussed in the workshop since the dialogues in the performance will enhance the youth to ask questions that can be then be developed into an open discussion. Our society is still ignorant and holding many taboos when it comes to sexuality and gender. Both the youth and the grown-ups have many questions on the topic, but it is especially important to support teenagers in maturing into grown-ups who understand and care for themselves and others. 

The workshops is a good and playful chance to ask questions that have risen from the performance  in a safe environment. The aim of the workshop is to encourage the youth to be themselves, and not blindly follow their age group and media. In addition, the workshop shares information on where to find answers to other sexuality-related questions (e.g. websites, materials on VAT Theatre’s home page).

WORKSHOP IS CARRIED OUT BY: Kristina Papsejeva has a background in social work and education managing. Since 1999, she worked as a Trainer at Estonian Sexual Health Association, where she started working as a Project Manager from 2015. Kristina finds topics related to gender role important both in her work and in the society on a wider scale, and she speaks on these topics also in the media. Her work in the sexual health field has taken her workshops also out of Estonia – recently often into Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, but she is also sharing her experience on social work as the lecturer in Tallinn University. Kristina is also a passionate citizen activist for human rights and equal treatment.

Kristina Papsejeva’s comment: In a sense, every new generation sees the world with more open eyes than the previous one. But the youth also needs a lot of support for finding adequate information and answers to their questions. They need clear messages that answer the questions about their body and feelings. It is important for grown-ups to support the positive attitude towards sexuality when offering these answers, and to deal with sexuality and gender topics stigma-free.

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