Since 2015 VAT Theatre is taking part of the international project Platform Shift+ where the aim is to create new and exciting plays, productions and educational activities for youth aged 14 and older.

For this purpose VAT Theatre is looking for ideas about the internet and in general everything that is related to the virtual reality. The internet has become such a large part of most people’s lives that they don’t even notice the scope of it. Spending this amount of time online people come across strange and interesting ideas, places and phenomena. 

The aim of the idea context is to share stories and ideas, as well as to draw attention to topics that require deeper discussion. Submissions can be fiction or stories based in reality. Even the genre is not limited – the idea can be expressed as an essay, a short story, a play, or a poem.

The topics are not limited within the framework of “The Web”. However, here are two possible titles for the writing:

  • “How will I become/became rich via the internet”
  • “Meeting the web demon”

The deadline for submissions was April 2, 2015.

Stories can be submitted by everyone aged 14 years and older. 


We received 131 works from 18 different schools, there were poems, short stories, essays, plays and different idea drafts. Stories were mainly focused on two titles: "How will I become/became rich via the internet" and "Meeting with the web demon", but there were also original themes and stories that one wouldn't associate with internet at first.