TARGET GROUP: Teachers and people working with youngsters. Group of 15-30 people
HOSTED: As an independent event
DURATION: 2.5h (150 minutes) (Separate agreement for longer workshops and courses=
LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Classroom or auditorium with an option to arrange an open space.
GROUP FEE: 300€ (fuel cost will be added to events outside of Tallinn)
CONTENTS: Forum theatre, created by Augusto Boali, is method theatre for the oppressed. The method will help with finding solutions to acute social issues through energising, empowering and inclusive activities. Educational workshop for forum theatre offers just one of the possible models of distributing knowledge that teachers, youth workers and other specialist are able to implement in their work. The workshop will mainly focus the theatrical games, exercises and other inclusive activities that are inherent to forum theatre and will encourage dialogue between people. The goal is for the group and each of the participants individually to experience the whole process. If the experience sparks someone’s interest, we offer follow-up courses that offer to experience the process in even more depth and to delve into implementing the forum theatre method into various educational fields. More information about the forum theatre learning materials is available at the workshop.
Coordinators: VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers
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