Target group: teachers and other people working with young people
Capacity: 15-30 participants
Duration: 150 min (also longer workshops and training days are possible)
Location and requirements: classroom or hall where furniture can be moved out of the way. 
Fee for the group: 250 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: Forum theatre is based on Augusto Boal’s method of theatre of the oppressed. It is an inclusive, interactive and dialogue enabling method. Forum theatre seeks solutions to socially important problems and to other topics relevant to the group in question, and it can be a great tool for teachers. In the workshop we will see how this method can be used, and engage in theatrical games and exercises. Should there be more interest from the group, then we also offer a more in-depth workshop. There the aim is to investigate the process even further and to look more into the possibilities of using forum theatre method in schools, youth centres or elsewhere.

Facilitators: VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers