Target group: students aged 14 years and older
Takes place: before the performance of “Do You Like Porn?”
Duration: 60 min
Fee for the group: 80 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: In this workshop we are interested in situations where a person thinks that his world view is his own without noticing that it is the media that has imposed it on him. Before we have our own opinion about anything, it is created in the information environment. An apparent freedom is actually a difficult situation for a young person. 

One of the topics of the production “Do You Like Porn?” is how do young people discover sex life. We are approaching the topic in terms of who has influenced a young person the most. Is it their family, school, friends, or the media? There will be discussion as well as playful games in the workshop. 

Facilitator: Margo Teder (VAT Theatre actor and director of the youth production “Do You Like Porn?”)

Margo Teder’s comment: Taking part of this workshop gives a better opportunity for the audience to be involved with the performance of “Do You Like Porn?” They are then not merely bystanders but participants of a sort. Many of their own thoughts might resonate in the performance itself.