Target group: students aged 10 years and older
Duration: 90 min
Fee for the group: 80 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: After reading a great book, coming from an amazing theatre production or film screening, we often hear ourselves saying “That story was really something!” But it is only seldom that we realise that our everyday lives consist of dozens of exciting stories and adventures. Stories have not disappeared anywhere, and neither has the imagination of young people – both of these crucial elements simply have to be rediscovered.

In the workshop the participants come up with stories. At first smaller groups generate the arc of the story, and then every participant will individually generate details for the entity. During this process the group will consider what a story really consists of, and why are all the different elements really needed. This is a workshop for those who want to develop their creativity and gain practical experience in writing. 

The level of writing techniques is adjusted according to the age group of the students. With younger participants there will be more emphasis on collective story development and playful writing exercises. With older students we will do longer writing exercises and more thorough analysis. After having taken part of this workshop a suitable development for the students would be the playwriting workshop.

Facilitator: Mihkel Seeder is a tutor at Drakadeemia which is a private creative writing school. He has experience in running writing courses for dramatists, script and prose writers; he has taught young people as well as adults. Mihkel is also a playwright and his writings have received awards in national contests. In 2014 his play “Pious Brother Vahindra” was produced in Estonian Road Museum. Mihkel’s short prose has been published in literary magazines Värske Rõhk and ELLA. Currently Mihkel is studying theatre pedagogy at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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