FORUM THEATRE WORKSHOP 'The youth in the virtual reality'

Target group: students aged 12 years and older
Duration: 90 min
Location and requirements: classroom or hall with sufficient space for movement
Fee for the group: 96 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: VAT Theatre and BSC Koolitus collaborated in the project “Theatre from the Internet” which resulted in the theatre production “Born Online”. As part of the research for the production forum theatre workshops about dangers on the internet were conducted, and the information gained from the youth was used to write the play. 

In this workshop we use the interactive and inclusive forum theatre method in order to understand the challenges young people face online. We investigate the differences in behaviour in the real world and in the virtual world, as well as other relevant topics for the youth (i.e. computer addiction). The aim of the workshop is to create a space where young people can observe and discuss the influences that internet consumption has on them.

We will create a space for dialogue through theatrical methods, and look for answers to intriguing questions about the internet. Among other topics we will discuss how we are being influenced by the internet; whether it is possible to get lost in the virtual reality; how our identities differ online and offline; who or what is really in control while we spend time on the internet. The facilitators come with no ready answers, but with a whole lot of questions. The answers will be sought for and discussed together with the students. As a result of the workshop we are hoping to grow awareness about the internet, and to help young people in becoming better at self-examination.

Facilitators: VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers. Read more about the group on VAT website at