Target group: students aged 12 years and older
Duration: 90 min
Space and requirements: Classroom or hall with sufficient space for movement
Participation fee for the group: 96 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: Forum theatre as a form of social theatre is inclusive, interactive and dialogue enabling. After seeing a forum theatre performance different topics can be discussed with the youth and possible solutions to a specific problem can be found. The participants will play games and engage in other methods of forum theatre. If the workshop takes place after a VAT Theatre performance, discussion topics will derive from there. As an independent workshop (without a performance visit) it is possible to discuss a variety of topics the group is interested in. 

Facilitator: Mari-Liis Velberg (head of educational department of VAT Theatre) together with VAT Theatre Forum Group jokers. Read more about Forum Group on VAT Theatre website.

Forum group member Nikolai Kunitsõn’s comment: I can say based on my experience that this workshop is a great method for discussing young people’s problems – relationships with friends, parents, alcohol, smoking, sex, HIV and much more. The youth can express their opinion in a playful way. Kids like it a lot – they can intervene with the story, express their ideas and thoughts, and try out solutions by themselves on the stage. My most memorable moment is from a discussion about a performance of “Paperclip Belt”. The participants were asked who they identify with the most from the story. Over 20 participants out of 30 identified themselves with the protagonist Kati. I believe that this shows a lot. Young people have problems and worries, and the forum theatre workshop is a great method of opening a discussion and a platform for understanding.