Target group: students aged 10 years and older
Duration: 90 min
Location and requirements: Classroom or hall with sufficient space for movement. Participants should wear trousers (this makes it more comfortable to do the exercises)
Participation fee: 80 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Facilitator: Piret Soosaar (member of VAT Theatre Forum Group, board member and trainer of NGO Foorumteater, founding member and performer of NGO Improgrupp Jaa)
Piret has been active in VAT Theatre Forum Group for already 13 years. It is from forum theatre that her interest in improvisation grew out of, as forum theatre methods involve many improvisational elements. She became more focussed on improvisation in 2009 when her friend Rahel Otsa founded Improgrupp Jaa.

Piret’s tutors on improvisation include Margo Teder, Rahel Otsa, Rednar Annus, Trent Pency, Nadin Alter, and Sam Supper. However, her most important lessons in improvisation come from her experiences in practicing, performing and running rehearsals with Improgrupp Jaa.

Workshop content: The workshop is very active and gives the participants an opportunity to try everything out by themselves. Participants create characters, environments and stories, so the focus of the workshop is on creativity and the joy of playing. The most important element of improvisation is to let go of the thought and fear of erring. Thus the goal of the workshop is to share the joy about being in an environment where there is no limit to creativity and where the only possible answer to all questions is YES!

The workshop opens with some improvisational warm-up exercises to unleash the creativity of the participants and to focus their attention. From there the workshop leader will move on to introducing techniques and games which enable listening and paying close attention to the partner. During the workshop the participants will experience how the magic of improvisational theatre derives from good collaboration and supporting each others’ decisions.

Piret Soosaar’s comment: We will definitely experience an exciting journey. Improvisation is always like an unplanned trip where joy and creativity billows out of the participants! 

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