Target group: students aged 12 years and older
Takes place: Before or after the performance of “Pal-Street Boys”, or without the performance visit
Duration: 90 min
Location and requirements: Classroom or hall with sufficient space for movement. Participants should wear trousers (this makes it more comfortable to do the exercises)
Fee for the group: 80 EUR (outside of Tallinn petrol fee will be added)

Workshop content: 
The aim of the workshop is to see why fights start and what do they lead to. Is starting a fight an expression of strength or weakness? We will talk about fighting traditions and fighting culture. When is it still a sport and when does it become anger? We will also see how fights work in films and theatre. The workshop contains both the elements of discussion and physical exercises.

Tanel Saar’s comment: My workshop is exciting because we’re not just sitting around theorising, but we go straight into practice. We do fighting exercises and talk about the relevance of physical contact after the performance of “Pal-Street Boys” or independently without the production. In my experience young people are always more interested in doing than in talking. I recommend the workshop for everyone who spends most of their days sitting down. In case there is anyone who has not looked someone else in their class in the eye, in this workshop we will make it happen.  


Tanel Saar is a VAT Theatre actor and a choreographer for stage fights. He has been part of VAT Theatre company for the past 13 years. Tanel has been practicing stage fighting for over 10 years. In addition, he has created fighting scenes also in many Estonian films, and he teaches it in schools.

Kalle Kõiv has been an event organiser in his company Valge Maja for 15 years. He has been practicing stage fighting equally as long. He is one of the founders of Estonian Stage Fight Society and a licensed instructor of Nordic Stage Fight Society. Kalle has directed many fight scenes for festivals, productions as well as films. His basic understanding of story formation derives from Marcus Zohner’s lectures on improvisation. A more philosophical take on stories and characters is based on his studies of theology in The Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Kalle Kõiv’s comment: On one hand stage fighting is like a dance where one has to sense their partner and work together. On the other side it can be extremely engaging for the audience. The training will give an opportunity to get to know one’s partners better, to gain practical experience in stage fighting and to create a readiness to perform a short fight already at the end of the first workshop. There are not many things that are exciting but safe.