Heinrich Hoffmann’s evergreen stories of black humour bring every spectator back to the anarchism of childhood, a time when all theories were tested in practice (does my father’s coat catch fire if I hold a burning match next to it?). As all deadly serious things must be hidden behind intelligent entertainment, we aim to present the stories of Struwwelpeter as a musical. Or to be more precise – a frantic pocket musical.

The uniqueness of the stories leaves it up to the audience to decide on the target group age, as each spectator has a personal relationship to their childhood and upbringing.
There will be laughter and tears!

Premiere: October 1, 2003 in Kuressaare City Theatre

Author: H.Hoffmann/The Tiger Lillies
Director: Christian Römer (Germany)
Designer: Jaqueline Gunn (Great Britain)
Choreographer Marge Ehrenbusch
Musical Director: Rivo Laasi
Ensemble: Mart Soo, Eve Pütsepp and Rivo Laasi
Performers: Katariina Lauk, Garmen Tabor, Sven Kuntu, Tanel Saar, Margo Teder, Janek Sarapson, Margus Prangel